Central Eastern route


Civic spaces under pressure

[Germany – Austria – Slovakia – Hungary]

Civic spaces are an extension of the civil society, and when they function freely, they serve as a platform for our public, social and political lives. If they function properly and without restrictions, they can be the settings where social and political change can happen. Across the globe, governments are shutting down spaces for civic and political engagement. The closing of civic space is not just about people’s right to organize or protest in individual countries. With the Central Eastern route, we are going to travel across three countries where activists and civil society are suffering the harsher consequences of illiberal and neo-fascist democracies. Ahead of the European elections, we are going to travel to meet the movements and citizens that are organising to resist and confront the rise of these dangerous tendencies.

The Team


Katarzyna Deka

I’m a a constant seeker of new inspirations from different people, areas and environments. Graduate in Psychology, I’m working as an international projects coordinator, process facilitator and educator developing and implementing international educational projects in Poland, Moldova and Portugal. Since 2016 I’m a team member of „Changemaker Course” applying the idea of changemaking in my daily life and sharing it with others. I practice, enjoy and value cooking (and eating!) as a tool of connection and sharing, experience-oriented traveling, empathy, gratitude, active listening, laughing and being „here and now”. In Transeuropa Caravans, I want to contribute to a positive civic change by promoting aware citizenship and active participation.

logistics coordinator

Lia Hamminga

I have been active in the non-profit sector as fundraiser and advisor. My experiences living in Eastern-Europe and the Balkans, combined with local LGBTQI+ activism, brought me on a path towards understanding how to be and live more peaceful as a person. Over the years I organised international trainings on conflict transformation and peace education in the Caucasus. This year I joined a Polish collective to start working on social change making and global education. Moreover, I work on nature education programs in Sweden. Being part of the Caravans, I am motivated to practice processes of connection and having uncomfortable conversations about Europe. My goal is to share and collect stories about the Europe of our dreams.

communications officer

Irene Dominioni

I am a freelance journalist working for Italian as well as international online outlets. I regularly cover a wide range of topics, ranging from migration to the environment, education and work issues, though I enjoy writing about whatever interesting story I set my eyes on. European projects are my other specialty, specifically those involving active youth participation. With Transeuropa Caravans I hope to be inspired and to inspire others.


Georg Blokus

I’m a psychologist, theatre maker, cultural organizer, and political activist. Since school I’ve been developing long-term art projects at the intersection of activist theatre, community organizing, and participatory education with so-called »political actors« who already carry, or are willing to carry hope for a better future. I was the Artistic Educational Director of the Youth Academy of the Arts of the World/Cologne from 2014 to 2016. In 2017, I initiated the »School of Political Hope«. I’m also member of DiEM25.

Stops in route



Silent actions in the train

11 May 2019


Open Discussion: “Why we have to fight for peace, democracy and human rights”

13 May 2019


Meeting with mayor Kurt Fischer & Mobility Bikes Fair

11 May 2019


Europa. Warum diesmal wählen?

07 May 2019
Vinothek/Kunsthalle Kraftwerk Mitte 7 | Dresden

Listeners’ Corner Breakfast

08 May 2019


#FridaysForFuture demonstration

10 May 2019
RIED im Oberinntal


Europe Day: Town meeting (Marienplatz) & team performance

09 May 2019


Memorial Event

08 May 2019
Ehrenhain Hoyerswerda


Book presentation ‘Citizens of Nowhere’

14 May 2019
IWM library - Spittelauer Lände 3, 1090

Wake Up Europe Flash Mob with Amnesty International Youth

14 May 2019
Square Austria


Cargonomia visiting and documenting Local Organic Vegetable

16 May 2019
VII. Dembinszki utca 32. Budapest.

Visiting Auróra

16 May 2019
1084 Budapest, Auróra utca 11.

Meeting with Pneuma Szöv

17 May 2019
Haller u. 64./A 1./5. 1096, Budapest, Hungary

Meetig with Golya

17 May 2019
Bókay János u. 34, 1083

Closing event: Activists lessons

17 May 2019


Film screening “The Silence of Others” + Debate

06 May 2019
ORi - Friedelstraße 8, 12047 Berlin

re:publica 2019 – tl;dr

07 May 2019
STATION-Berlin Luckenwalder Str. 4 - 6



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