Check out Transeuropa Caravans Video Trailer

Today we are launching the video trailer of Transeuropa Caravans 2019: The roads to European democracy. In less than two months a group of twenty activists will be travelling throughout fifteen European countries on board of five caravans – meeting European citizens at their sites of struggle, connecting campaigns across cities and borders, and championing our fundamental rights, including freedom of movement.

But this is not the full story. In cities and towns across Europe, millions of citizens have been organising to resist the right and demand a better future. From anti-fascists taking to the streets to communities coming together to welcome refugees; from precarious workers unionising to fight low pay to children walking out of schools to demand action on climate change – these and many other bottom-up movements pose a challenge to both the emergent far right and the neoliberal status quo.

How we can link these local struggles to create pan-European alternatives was a key topic of discussion during our transnational mobilising workshop in Warsaw. We got to know each other, shared our hopes, fears and ideas, and made initial plans for the routes. We also met up with activists from European May – a grassroots group which is organising a series of continent-wide actions against the far right and for a progressive Europe.

Watch this space for regular updates about the caravans’ activities and plans. Expect demonstrations, public meetings, creative stunts and countless interviews and videos from the frontlines of struggle. #TranseuropaCaravans

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