Wake Up Europe Festival: Screening “The Silence of the others” with European May

Cyklo Kuchyňa
Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
08:00 PM

The Transeuropa Caravans is delighted to join forces with the Wake Up Europe festival to screen and debate in Bratislava the documentary “The Silence of Others” about Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. This is one of the appointments along the Central Eastern route of the Caravans.

Given its focus on the topic of “Civic spaces under pressure”, the screening will be an opportunity for the Caravan to organize a debate about the meaning of dictatorships and illiberal democracies in Europe, bridging past and present in light of the upcoming European elections.

The screening will be hosted thanks to Cyklokuchyňa Bike Kitchen Bratislava, a cycling community society running workshops and community events in order to support cycling culture and sustainability in Bratislava. Among other things, in early May some of the Bike Kitchen staff members are going to take part into EuropeanMay activities with us.


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